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An exquisite flash of colour, a beautiful song, a fleeting encounter with a tiny jewel, a momentary escape into nature; just a few of the many things that everyone can enjoy simply by learning to see, and hear, the birds that are all around us.

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What's Happening

  • General meeting

    Colin Rogers will be the speaker. His topic will be: The decline in Migrating Shorebird numbers roosting in the Dry Creek Salt Fields over the period 1985/86 to 2015/16.

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  • Go birding: Charleston Conservation Park

    Meet at 8.30am by the tennis courts in Newman Road, Charleston. We will travel to the Conservation Park from this meeting point. Trip leader: Rod Tetlow Charleston_CP_Checklist

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  • Important notice: There will be no access to either Dry Creek or  Price Salt Fields until further notice.

Australian Hobby

A dashing small falcon usually seen perched on tall trees but sometimes seen engaged in high-speed chases. Hobbies feed on small birds, bats and flying insects. They are very fast and can often be seen perched at the top of tall trees from which they swoop down onto their prey. Also hunt by high quartering or by low fast flight. Hunting may be done during the day, dawn or dusk and even by night where there is artificial light. Breeding occurs from August to January with peak laying in September…

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