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An exquisite flash of colour, a beautiful song, a fleeting encounter with a tiny jewel, a momentary escape into nature; just a few of the many things that everyone can enjoy simply by learning to see, and hear, the birds that are all around us.

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Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo

Named after one of Australia’s first explorers of the inland, the Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo is much less raucous than its Sulphur-crested cousin. Its plumage features delicate shades of pink as well as a colourful crest, making this species one of the more attractive cockatoos. It spends much of its day feeding on the ground with other cockatoos (though usually separate from them) or in trees or shrubs. A denizen of the inland, Major Mitchell’s Cockatoos live in arid and semi-arid regions of Australia, where they generally inhabit wooded habitats. They…

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